Friday, May 3, 2013

The 5 C's of Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s your big day; you’ve put months (if not years, or a decade or two) into discovering that perfect wedding dress. Of course, you want your bridesmaids to look smashing too. Just don’t forget to keep their tastes and styles in mind. After all, even the best photo-editor can’t erase the look of pure embarrassment or discomfort off the faces of your bridal party. Here are some easy guidelines to follow for painless ways to please your bridesmaids, while not losing sight of your dream wedding day entourage:

1. Cohesion: Will the guests be able to tell the bridal party from the rest of the crowd? The entire bridal party does not have to match perfectly—the important thing is to have at least one factor that ties it all together. It can be color, cut, style, or length!

2. Contour: Do the body shapes of your bridesmaids differ? Not all bodies are the same, and you shouldn’t expect your bridesmaid party to all fit nicely into the same dress. While your bustier friend may look great in a strapless gown, your not-so-endowed cousin may be cursing you during her walk down the aisle! Consider choosing the color, and letting the bridesmaids pick the cut that fits their body-type best.

3. Complexion & Coiffure: Have you considered color? You wouldn’t put a redhead in an orange dress, or a gray frock on a pale friend. Try choosing a color that will suit all types in your bridal party. If you’re really feeling generous, you could present your three favorite color choices and let them decide together on what the final dress palate will be. Or, you could choose a color and allow the girls to decide the particular shade of their dress.

4. Comfort & Climate: Do you really expect your bridesmaids to get their groove on at your outdoor wedding in their ballroom gowns? While very formal dresses are the right move for some weddings, consider mobility and ease. And don’t forget to keep the weather in mind! Will you be outside? What’s the season? Should the girls coordinate shawls or cute cardigans? You want all of your guests to enjoy themselves at your wedding, especially the ladies who have been helping you out over the past months.

 5. Cost & Closet: Does it fit in the budget of all your bridesmaids? Can it be worn again? Yes, this is your special day, but that doesn’t mean your bridesmaids can afford to shell out the big bucks for their dresses. Try to gauge each personal budget, or at least decide on a dress that you can see the ladies wearing again.
Dress Plans We Love:
The Reversible-Changeable-Twist-and-Tie Dresses: Same dress, different ways to wear it. How can you go wrong?

Same Color Palate, Different Patterns: A little bit of whimsy goes a long way! This is perfect for the vintage-themed wedding. We’ve seen some lovely vintage-style bridesmaids dresses in floral prints. The fashion-era is cohesive, but everyone gets to show off their personality
Similar Color, Different Shades: Try matching a deep sage with a lighter pistachio, a full plum with a softer lilac, or bold maroon with a dusty pink. This way, you can stick to your palette, but nobody feels washed out.

Same Color, Unique Cuts: A cohesive color, but for all shapes and sizes! Your pear-friend, hourglass-cousin, and pencil-thin-sister will all feel fabulous!

 Sources - Borrowed from our friends at  All dresses are courtesy of JCrew

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