Monday, March 25, 2013

Bohemian Wedding: Lindsey+Andrew

While browsing my favorite blogs today, I came across this Bohemian wedding and I. AM. SWOONING over this wedding!!  The details are absolutely beautiful.  I love how the bridesmaids each have their own styles and the soft feel of the whole event.  Drop us a comment and let us know if it has you swooning as well!

Lindsey + Andrew have always been great admirers of the earth. They love to explore nature’s wonders and find no greater joy than the peace of a rainy day, the thrill of a crashing wave, or the embrace of a warm sunrise. So it comes as no surprise that for their wedding they wanted to bring a hybrid of glamorous and natural elements together. :) Their wedding took place on their family’s land out in Maband, Texas – right on Cedar Creek Lake.
From Lindsey, “Love is like a tree; it must be nurtured and it must grow deep roots, and yet the mightiest trees stand amidst a forest. We wanted our wedding to represent our forest and we wanted it to remind all those involved of how much we appreciate all their years of love, support, and nourishment. It was a party to celebrate us, but also our guests.”

During the ceremony, Andrew and I planted a tree together. As we shoveled dirt, one of our dearest friends, Jess Williamson, played her banjo and sang our favorite song (Southern Cross, by Crosby, Stills, & Nash). Jess completely transformed this song. She made it exactly how we wanted to wedding to feel and gave it a richness and a meaning that I will cherish for the rest of my life. After the tree was planted we just stood there – holding hands and listening to the song together. It was magical.


We had a Jazz band during cocktails, dinner and cake and then everyone went outside for a fireworks show. After the show Andrew and I made a fake getaway (the way bands do before they come back for an encore). We re-entered the reception hall and all the lights changed to vibrant colors, a cookies and milk bar was set up, all the guests were given dessert shots, and a DJ was playing crazy fun dance music. The actual dance party didn’t end until 2:30 am. My feet were so tired!
What do you think of the wedding?? Tell us what you love in the comments section!!
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Pretty as a Peacock: Abby+Zach

Peacock themes are becoming more and more popular.  We sell more of our peacock designs than any other design combined!!  So I went in search of a beautifully themed peacock wedding for all of you brides looking for inspiration.  I fell in love with Abby and Zach's gorgeous wedding with bright pops of purples and teals and peacock feathers in every detail!  Thanks to Stacy Reeves' photography perfection, this wedding was captured in beautiful pictures shown below.

Photographer Stacy Reeves: Abby is a photographer herself, so she and I were completely on the same wavelength when it came to many aspects of the wedding day, and she really put a lot of thought into every detail of their wedding. From the tiny ceramic squirrels (Abby and Zach’s favorite animal) to the heart-shaped locks they gave away as favors (a European tradition; both Abby and Zach have lived abroad in Europe), to the clever play on their initials (A & Z) to the vibrant use of purple (Abby’s favorite color), this wedding was all about the couple and the things they love.
Abby was inspired by the proposal scene in Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy meet up in the early morning glow, so she and Zach chose to do a First Look at the crack of dawn to recreate that feel. I love how soft and glowy the light is in their shots!
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