Sunday, April 7, 2013

Surf & Sun: Randi + Jared

“So this is how the story goes…let’s start with the morning before the wedding. I was totally prepared. The last thing I needed to do was get a mani and pedi with my girls. I went to pick up my fiance’s sister first. She hops in the car and hands me a baby sippy cup, she has one for herself as well. My mind was already mush from all of the wedding planning so I didn’t question it. I start driving to our nail appointment and take a sip from my sippy cup at a red light.
Whataya know!!! It’s a margarita!”
… is how today’s bride, Randi, starts out her wedding story.
Thanks to Michelle of Michelle Sullivan Photography for submitting the loveliness that ensues below. Such an inspiring day, so inspiringly captured.







Thanks to Knotty Bride and Michelle Sullivan Photography for all the lovely pictures!  What do you think?  Drop us a comment and let us know what your favorite part of the wedding is!

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